No matter what I do, I always strive to do it right. That’s why I feel comfortable saying that my custom wood furniture is of the highest quality. Whether it is a handcrafted furniture piece that was inspired by my prominent creative designer or something from my custom made furniture collection. Either way, you will be fully satisfied with my custom furnishings.

Custom Made Furniture

The town of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand has become the inspirational home of my furniture designer. It is here that he got the inspiration for this unique line of furniture that I’m currently working on, one which combines European art and styles with the culture and materials of Thailand. The warmth of teak wood and other local timber is brought out in a most unusual way through the combination with stone, terracotta and bronze accentuations. The highly functional design perfectly combines with the elegant shape of this furniture. The quality of the craftsmanship is remarkable and is highly appealing due to the experience of skilled Thai craftsmen that are helping bring his vision to a reality.

I also make custom beds and custom desks. My custom furniture is an assortment of custom made furniture with a unique design. The furniture comes in an assortment of different kinds of wood and colors. If you would rather have Rosewood instead of Teak wood, I can do that. The unique designs are unlike anything else. Imagine owning a custom-designed piece, designed just for you.

You can customize and design your own furniture with my help. Select the basic style: Wall Plaque, Bar, Desk, Cupboard, Cabinet, or Sideboard. Then customize the wood, painting, and sculpture. I can help you design your own special furniture.

Customize the Patio Furniture

My custom handcrafted teak furniture can be customized to the way you want it. I can put hand carved logos or initials in the backs of the customizable furnishings, and also customize it with nearly any color stain or finish that you’d prefer.

Custom Made Outdoor Furniture

Teak furnishings can be exposed to outdoor elements and still be long lasting. My favorite customization job has been doing a family’s initials that they want carved into the back of their teak bench. I make teak benches, teak chairs, and my other outdoor furniture. My custom teak furniture is durable and long lasting inside or outside. Some have reported that teak wood that is kept outdoors will last a minimum of 75 years – that which is kept inside and properly cared for will undoubtedly last for generations. All of my customizable furnishings can come made with Teak wood, Mahogany, Rosewood, or Ironwood.

Interestingly, teak withstands the attack of insects and rot due to the intrinsic quality of teak oil in the wood itself. This oil remains in the wood even after it is dried and made into custom furniture. It also remains in the wood when it is teak.

The scientist may not know why this combination of ingredients gives the teak wood its preventive qualities, but history shows that the oil embedded in teak protects it from insect attack or from rot.

Teak outlasts other materials. Teak has been used in construction of buildings and temples. Used in those applications, the teak withstands centuries of use and continues to withstand the elements.

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