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Hey, guys – Mike here.  Thanks for stopping back by my blog.  I have some good news – I finally found some working router table plans and got my router table built.  I wanted to put up some pictures when I wrote this, but I can’t get my camera to connect to my computer.  I’ll have my son give me a hand with it later on this week and have them up ASAP.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been looking for woodwork plans to built a router table for the new router I got a few weeks ago.  I have had all sorts of trouble with that.  First I couldn’t find any good plans online at all.  Then when I finally did find some plans, I tried to build them up and they weren’t reliable at all!  I finally found a good set of plans last week that were easy to follow from beginning to end.

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All of the router table plans that I had found before where nowhere near as comprehensive and complete as the woodwork plans that they have on the Woodworking 4 Home website.  You wouldn’t believe how many different ideas and plans they I found on there.  I actually just started building a coffee table that I got plans for as well (I will get pictures up of that as soon as it’s done).

This one website has over 16,000 different woodworking project plans – everything from router tables to dog houses to humidors.  Besides having all of these plans in one place, I was extremely impressed with the quality of all of them.  Most other woodworking plans that I found online were poor quality, and weren’t always even measured correctly.  The only thing that I was hesitant about was paying $67 for the plans, but there are enough interesting plans to keep me busy for years in there.  I had previously spent $10-15 for just one set of plans online, and bought countless books and magazine at the store.  When I looked at it that way $67 seemed cheap for everything that I ended up with.

Thanks for stopping back by my blog.  I’ll work on getting those pictures up in the next few days.  I hope that if you’re looking for router table plans, this blog entry has been a little bit of help to you.  Make sure you check back in the future as I post up some more of my projects that I’m working on (the coffee table is in the works).

If you want to see the router table plans, click here to go to the Ted’s Woodworking website

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I’m sorry it took so long for me to get my second post up on here… it’s been a hectic time between the holidays with my grandchildren!  I was finally able to find some time today, so I figured I was overdue to make this journal entry.  Today I plan on talking about the first router table plans that I found online that I attempted to use, and what the problem with those “free” plans was.

I had recently gotten a new router, and I wanted to custom build a cabinet and router table for it.  I had never built one before, so I was having to start from scratch.  I searched online and realized that it wasn’t too easy to find good plans anywhere!  I did stumble across one site (that will remain nameless for now), that offered a bunch of free woodworking plans.

After I downloaded the plans, I read them over a few times, figured out all of the supplies I was going to need, and went to the hardware store to pick them up.  I got everything home and was waiting for the weekend to get down to business.  I spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on the cabinet and table, following the router table plans perfectly.

I ran into problems all along the way!  Some pieces were fitting together like they should, others had discrepancies as far as lengths went, and everything just seemed to be turning into a nightmare.  I would normally blame the operator, and not the plans, but as I stated in my last blog, I am meticulous when it comes to details.  I double checked the plans, and triple checked my measurements every step of the way.  I ran into nothing but problems, and I know that those “great free” plans were to blame.

My moral of the story is that you need to be sure that the woodworking plans your following are accurate.  It is important to pay attention to where you’re getting them from, and make sure that it’s a reliable and professional source.  Not only was I out the money and time that I spend on that router table attempt, but I also had to deal with the headaches and frustrations that went along with it.

Thanks for stopping back by and taking the time to read this blog entry, and I look forward to not taking so much time to get the next one up.

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog.  This is my first entry, so I’ll keep it pretty short since I’m still trying to figure all of this blogging stuff out.

I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know what my blog is all about.  I created this blog because I was not able to find any good and reliable router table plans on the internet.  I recently purchased a new router, and figured that it would be wise idea to build my own router table.  I quickly became frustrated with all of the wood router table plans that I found online since they were all either incomplete or were not designed to be sturdy at all.  I am a real stickler to details, and if I’m going to build something, I’m going to build it right.  My motto is that “Nothing ever broke from being too sturdy.”

Since I did finally find some good table plans (I’ll write more about this in a future blog entry), I felt like it would be useful for me to create this blog about some design tips that I learned while searching for router table plans.  I’ll also be providing some resources that I found for great woodworking plans (whether you’re looking for anything from a router table plan, to crib plans, to rocking horse plans).

I look forward to having time to create some more posts, and I hope you look forward to reading them.  Feel free to send me an e-mail with any comments or suggestions, and until then, take care.